The Pros and Cons of Python

An overview of one of the most popular and loved programming languages.


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The Pros and Cons of Python

Python has been around for a while now, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. It's a popular language for a reason: it's easy to learn, it's "batteries included," and it's free and open-source. But Python also has its drawbacks. It's slower than compiled languages, and not statically typed. It's also not good for mobile development. Testing can also be a pain. But enough about the downsides, let's dive into the Pros!


Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It's used by major companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and Dropbox. If you're looking for a language with a large community and good job prospects, Python is a good choice.

Being popular also means that there is a large community of developers who can help you if you get stuck, and it also means that there are many libraries and frameworks available to help you with your development.

Batteries Included

Python comes with a lot of standard library modules that provide functionality that would otherwise need to be provided by third-party libraries. This means that you don't have to worry about installing extra libraries when you're starting a new project, and it also means that you have more options available to you out of the box.

Need to parse JSON? There's a module for that. Want to do some complex math? There's a module for that, too. Python's "batteries included" approach saves you time and effort.

Easy to Learn

Python is considered a beginner-friendly language. Its syntax is clean and straightforward. And there's a lot of documentation and resources available to help you learn. If you're just starting out, Python is a good language to learn.

Free and Open-Source

Python is free to use. You can download it from the Python website and use it without paying a licensing fee. And Python is open-source, which means its source code is available for anyone to view and contribute to.


Python is a portable language. This means you can run Python programs on any platform that supports Python, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. This makes Python a good choice for cross-platform development.


Python is an interpreted language. This means that Python programs are executed by an interpreter, not by a compiler. Interpreted languages are usually easier to debug because you can see what's happening as the program is running.



Compared to compiled languages, Python is considered slow. It's not suitable for tasks that need to be completed quickly, such as real-time video processing or games. If speed is important, you should look for a language that's faster, such as C++ or Rust.


Because Python is interpreted, it's not suitable for tasks that require a lot of processing power. If you need to do something that's computationally intensive, like machine learning or data analysis, you'll be better off with a language like C++.

Not statically typed

Python is not a statically typed language. This means that you don't have to declare the types of variables before using them. This can make Python code less reliable, because it's easy to make mistakes that go undetected.

Not good for mobile

Python is not a good choice for mobile development. If you want to develop apps for Android or iOS, you should use a language like Java or Swift.

Hard to test

Python code can be hard to test. This is because Python is interpreted, and because it's not statically typed. It can be difficult to catch all the potential errors in Python code.


Python is a popular, versatile language that's easy to learn. But it has its drawbacks. It's slower, interpreted, and not great for mobile app development. Testing can also be a challenge. If you're looking for a language that's easy to use and has a large community, Python is a good choice. But if you need a language that's optimized for speed, you might look elsewhere.

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